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Create an additive ZynAddSubFX patch. Create a 'hard' sawtooth voice with 'Par.' cranked all the way up to 63. Turn the second harmonic up almost all the way.

Now, on a second voice, do the same for an ordinary Sine Wave.
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Now when you play the sound with Shelljam, you can get quite amazing overtones by holding a (preferably low) key and playing with your mouse or touchpad.

Welcome to Shelljam!

Check out the new mouse overtone-juggling functionality with ZynAddSubFX!

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Source and i386 linux binary downloads of Shelljam is available. Shelljam is currently in alpha stage.



Linux i386, from binary Linux, any architecture, from source (tested on i386, success reported on ppc)


  1. Get a working low-latency linux audio workstation.
  2. Start up your instrument, load patches if necessary, and connect it to the MIDI-Through port of your sequencer.
  3. Start up shelljam. The looks-like-a-crash-but-is-safe window appears.
  4. Start playing with the Shelljam Keyboard.
  5. Move the mouse or touchpad left and right to change the Sound Timbre controller, or up and down for sound brightness. In ZynAddSubFX, this way you can control both parameters of an Analogue filter in real time, and that sounds really sassy on a Saw Wave, for example :)
  6. To quit, press and hold the ESC key, then press the RETURN key.

Shelljam Keyboard Layout

The Shelljam Keyboard layout. (as text)

Known issues

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If you find a bug or feature lacking and can fix it yourself, please do get yourself involved and submit a patch to the latest release.

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If you find a bug and cannot fix it yourself, please file a bug report.

Feature requests

If you are using this software and would like a little adaption done you can't do yourself feel free to submit a feature request

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